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Anyone for chess? Bring me knitting.

I'm Fred. Here you can expect mainly Doctor Who (all eras) with a generous helping of Star Trek, Nerdfighteria, science, Night Vale, and Felicia Day. Comic doodles available by request.

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Dec 3 '11

So recently my tummy has been saying to me, “I could really go for a döner kebab.” And I have been saying, “Silly tummy, you are not in Germany again, nor are you in Turkey, so you cannot have one,” whereas I should have been saying, “Of course, tummy! You are in Los Angeles, so you can have whatever you want.” Döner kebabs are a sort of Turkish-style hamburger, with shaved beef and/or lamb, tzatziki sauce, and various goodies, and I ate them like crazy when I was in Germany. So when I was driving through Eagle Rock down Colorado and I saw this place, I straight up hit the brakes and yelled, “WHAT.” It’s called Spitz, it has about two parking spaces and the cutest patio ever, the sandwiches are super legit, and you wanna know the best part?

They gave me a discount for wearing a Doctor Who shirt.

New favorite restaurant? New favorite restaurant.

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