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Feb 21 '13

deathbyleche asked:

It is in fact Girl Scout season now right? All I want is a few delicious samoas and to freeze some thin mints to put in ice cream. ITS NOT ASKING FOR MUCH *sobs*

Ugh I feel like it should be but maybe it’s just wishful thinking? I wanna say they have been spotted on the east coast though

  1. megdanger said: I believe Girl Scout season is coming to a close in Florida
  2. nikkicarter said: can we have like a ‘girl scout sightings’ website? or or pleaaaase? I need my samoas!
  3. deathbyleche said: You hear what Micah said? Sundays in eagle rock by st. Dominic’s. and in Glendale on occasional weekends by the frogs! Ima get me some super expensive diabetic cookies!
  4. violetboodelaire said: I HAVE SOME BE JEALOUS (then look at my reblog)
  5. pumpkinothy said: Definitely in Florida. I’ve already eaten 5 boxes.
  6. allrightcallmefred posted this